4 thoughts on “Just Chillin'

  1. I’ll tell you guys the story behind this photo, cause it’s a very funny one! The pic was taken at a sheepfold near Leaota hut. The youngster lolling in the wooden carriage was the son of the heard “master”, as one of the shepherds said (“Apai stiti cine-i aista? Aistai fiul stapanului”). In my attempt to take the most amazing picture of the breathtaking landscape, my eye was caught by this young man sitting unbothered not even by a fly in this ancient wooden carriage on top of a huge and fluffy sheep skin & fur coat. In my opinion posing is not for everybody, but it seemed for him it was piece of cake. So, the conclusion is: “Do not underestimate the sneakiness… actually, the skills to pose of a mountain loner”. He seemed wise, and he had that very thoughtful look. In Romanian I would’ve said: “Ce cautatura are asta micu?”. While the gang was asking an older shepherd for directions, I asked him if I could take his picture. He cracked a smile and then, he just found himself a better position in the carriage and gave me “that look”. In the end, we were invited to come back and visit them when it comes the time to prepare the “BULZ”, and bring them the prints of the pics we took.

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